Easy Rig Vario 5 & Flowcine Serene Arm

  • £150.00/ Day
  • 230mm long extended Arm 
  • Payload capacity up to 5-17kg
  • Serene arm for additional 2 axis stabilisation
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  • EasyRigs are great for taking the weight of the camera off your shoulders when working handheld. But anyone who has worked with one knows that when walking, it’s difficult to keep the camera stable and an obvious “walking” movement is prevalent in the system.The addition of the FlowCine Serene arm to an EasyRig (in this case, the Vario 5 version) introduces vertical dampening to the system, which is to say that it removes any up/down movement caused by walking.

    It also throws the pulley forward, which is very helpful when trying to film with a camera out in front of you.

    This setup is incredibly popular for use in conjunction with gimbal systems like the Ronin.

    Taking the weight of the Ronin off your arms is great and having the flexibility to walk around with it “al la steadycam” while still maintaining the “unattached” versatility of the gimbal is a bonus all round.

    Doing more than 10 minute’s worth of Ronin work in a day? You need this!


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