RED KOMODO 6K – 6K Raw Global Shutter

  • ¬£220.00/ Day
  • Global Shutter
  • 16+ stops of dynamic range
  • Features the latest evolution of Redcode – LQ, MQ + HQ.
  • Brain Weighs 0.9KG (with no lens cap or c-fast card)
  • 40 FPS AT 6K 17:9 – 6144 X 3240
  • 50 FPS AT 6K 2.4:1 – 6144 X 2592
  • 48 FPS AT 5K 17:9 – 5120 X 2700
  • 60 FPS AT 4K 17:9 – 4096 X 2160
  • 120 FPS AT 2K 17:9 – 2048 X 1080
  • Wooden Side Mount
  • SmallRig Cage

Komodo 6K is the latest breakthrough product in RED’s long line of image capture technology.  The newest entrant into the RED lineup is a compact and powerful camera. It features RED’s cinema-grade image quality, colour science, and sensor technology into a surprisingly small form factor so that users can take it anywhere and adapt it to any shooting scenario.  The new sensor in Komodo is a 6K S35 global shutter sensor that breaks new technical ground by eliminating the need to sacrifice dynamic range without any creative or technical compromises.

Kit includes: 

1x KOMODO 6K Camera Body
1x Small Rig
1x CoreSWX BP to V-mount Battery Plate
2x Nano V-lock Battery
1x KOMODO 45W AC Power Adapter
1x Canon RF to EF Metabobes Adapter
4 x RED PRO CFast 512GB Media Card
1x RED CFast 2.0 Card Reader
1x KOMODO Wing Grip
1x Ptap-to-Power Cable 6′