RØDE 3M Boom Pole, RØDE Outdoor Blimp 2 and Pistol Grip

  • £10.00/ Day
  • Boom Pole Length: 0.84 m – 3 m,
  • Internal XLR cable. Greatly reduces handling and wind noise.
  • Accommodates most shotgun microphones 325mm in length and 19-22mm diameter. R
  • ycote Lyre suspension system onboard with internal spacing guide.
  • Lightweight skeleton handle with 3/8” thread mount.
  • Mogami cable with Neutrik and Switchcraft XLR connectors.
  • Dead Wombat windshield included.

Machined from high grade aluminium, the boom pole is designed for applications where a 3m extension pole for shotgun microphones is required. Attaches directly onto the Rycote Shockmount and Handle of the Rode Blimp via its 3/8” thread or any standard 3/8” threaded fitting. ( Length: 0.84 m ~ 3 m). The pole also includes an internal XLR cable for efficient cable management. 

Rode Blimp 2 – Wind Shield and Shock Mount System (2019 Version) – Australian Microphone Manufacturer and recording pioneer RODE continues to strive towards excellence in its product range, and even know when one of their most beloved products needs a bit of an update. Since 2008 the RODE Blimp has been the industry standard for microphone suspension and isolation, but now the new and improved Rode Blimp 2 will take that crown and we here at Inta Audio love the new features.

First of all the handle has been completely redesigned with a more skeletal form to take away the bulkiness and now features a cable clip to keep it out the way. A boom pole mount is fixed to the bottom with the xlr cable hanging onto it to make sure it doesn’t move anywhere.

The blimp also features a brand new Rycote Lyre Suspension System onboard. This is the most effective suspension Rode have ever come across so it was important to integrate this into the new version. The Lyre is made from a single piece of thermoplastic so it will never bend, snap or sag which is great as you’ll never have any elastic suspension bands to change…or lose!

Now featuring a new cable called the ‘Blimp Pro Cable’, this heavy-duty mogami cable goes into a fixed junction box and then splits into a much thinner cable. This thinner cable is far more flexible and will stop any kind of vibrations from the thicker cable. Terminating this cable is a neutrik connection, which during lab tests, rode found to be the most effective in isolating handling noise and making sure no rattling or resonances got through to the mic. There is also a fixed cable grommet so as to stop it getting lost as this seemed to be an issue with the previous model.

One side of the Blimp internal rail has a spacing guide on it to ensure the lyres are always in the same place to achieve perfect shock-mounting. This rail also includes it’s own dampening system to stop lateral movements from getting to the microphone.