RØDE VideoMic Pro

  • £10.00/ Day
  • Easy to use. Fits to your camera’s hot shoe mount, connects via 3.5 mm jack input
  • Mono shotgun design gives focused and directional sound perfect for capturing speech
  • Revolutionary +20dB mode means hiss-free recordings straight to your DSLR, with no preamp required
  • Provides a remarkable 70 hours battery life with one 9V alkaline battery
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Offering lower noise, higher sensitivity, and more adjustable settings than the VideoMic, the Rode VideoMic Pro camera-mount shotgun microphone is ideal for mobile journalists, vloggers, budget filmmakers, and run-and-gun shooters looking for a cost-effective way to step up to the next level in quality.

A single 9V battery provides up to 70 hours of run time and an LED turns red to indicate low-battery status. Adjustable gain and a selectable bass roll-off make it easy to optimize the level and tone of your recording for a range of scenarios.

This compact and lightweight shotgun microphone features an integrated shockmount that mounts directly to your camera or boompole and reduces noise from various vibrations. The windscreen design reduces wind noise, making it well suited for outdoor shoots. The attached 3.5mm TRS cable ensures easy hookup to your camera, and the dual-mono output means that no channel selection is necessary on your recording device.